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Cooking and Drinks

Specialty Cookbooks                                                  

 Happy New Year 2018

All Kinds of Beverages from best sellers

We at Cooking and Drinks Offer all kinds of Foods and Beverages at "Jeanine's Store" you can find Coffee, Teas, Juices, Sodas, Punches, Smoothies, Beer, Wines, Liquor as well as the Kits to make these Beverages, also we have all kinds of Foods such as regular groceries , Gourmet Foods like frozen Gourmet meals some already pre-cooked, Specialty Sausages and canned Snake meat, Alligator meat, Turkeys , Hams, Lamb, Beef, some Poultry, our Seafood selection is Tops we have Scampies, Shrimps, Lobster, Crab legs, Fish and soon I will be adding Shark and Whale meat, you can purchase really great Fruit and Vegetable , Wine, Liquor Gift Baskets as well as other kinds of Gift Baskets, Gourmet Lunch meats , Small and Large Appliances, Cooking aides. We also have a nice selection of over 20 Cookbooks you can find them on Cooking and Drinks Website under Webstore we have specialty Cookbooks for different categories such as The Turkey Cookbook for Turkey Lovers, Beef Cookbook for Beef Lovers, Pork Cookbook for Pork Lovers , A International Cookbook for around the world recipes of five different Countries, The Grilling Specialty Cookbook which includes bonuses, and a Busy Moms Cookbook Collection also with bonuses and so much more....