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Cooking and Drinks

Specialty Cookbooks                                                  


Hi, my name is Jeanine Conway, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I grew up on the South Side of Cleveland, Ohio, some 20 or so years later, I have been residing on the far West Side of Cleveland, Ohio, I am currently working on a few projects, one being a Cookbook "COOKING WITH JEANINELEE', I come from a family of cooks, My Mom was a Special Education Teacher for the EMR's for the Cleveland Board of Education, she taught a many of subjects just to name a few Cooking, Sewing/Fabrics, Home Economics, Family Dynamic type of classes as well as a few more, My Mom Cooked all kinds of dishes from Down home Southern to Gourmet Dishes like Seafood and Casseroles . My Grandmother, my Moms Mother has been a Professional Cook for over 40 years, My other Grandmother on my Father side was a Cook also , she had her own Restaurant many years ago, she could cook anything from Down South, To up North and in between, I remember when I was a child she used to cook every Sunday after Church Soul food showdowns my family would gather at her house every Sunday, If you ever seen the Movie "Soul Food" that was her, you name it we had it, I lived with one of my Aunts for 5 or 6 years when I was a child she could throw down too, My other Aunt used to give big family gathers as well she Cooked in bulk a lot , every since I can remember, from baking in my easy baked oven I had got for Christmas when I was just 6 years old, I knew then I enjoyed Cooking, I have been Cooking every since than for my family and other family members, friends, neighbors to helping out at different "Hunger Centers/ Soup Kitchens in Cleveland, Ohio.